Personal Styling Services 

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Image Consultation

What does your appearance tell others?  

Is it accurate?

After a complete assessment of your goals and lifestyle, Dawn will help you discover how to project your personal brand through flattering and appropriate wardrobe choices.

Hanging Shirts

Closet Organization

Detoxifying your closet of pieces that you no longer wear gives Dawn an opportunity to organize your wardrobe in a way that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.  From there, she can create outfits from your freshly-edited wardrobe;  identify wardrobe gaps; and create a plan and budget to close those gaps.

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Personal Shopping

With a solid plan in place, Dawn will shop for you; conduct in-home fittings; and arrange for tailoring services.  Further, Dawn can create a Look Book containing outfits for every occasion.

Urban Fashion

Look Book

After organizing your closet and curating a wardrobe worthy of your brand, Dawn will show you exactly how to create outfits from your new wardrobe and photograph each of them for a digital look book.

Formalwear Accessories

Event Styling

Weddings, vacations, corporate events - whatever the nature of your special occasion, Dawn will guide you in making wardrobe choices that are appropriate and ensure you look and feel your very best.

Tailor's Tools

Custom Design Assistance

Dawn works with the best tailors in Dallas.  She can help you select the one who best meets your needs;

guide you through the design process; and ensure your custom pieces are perfect for you.