Fashion Activities To Enjoy From Home During The Quarantine: Learn To Wear Confidence

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

While you're home during the COVID-19 Quarantine, use this time to learn how 'dressing in confidence' translates into 'dressing in fashion' with Life Coach and Fashion Icon Tiffany Hendra.

It is said that 'the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence.' Learn how to re-engage your mind and your spirit with the help of someone who dresses women in confidence every day: Life Coach and Fashion Icon Tiffany Hendra.

Tiffany Hendra Head Scarves
Win a personal consultation with Tiffany and two signature head scarves.

Founder and principal of The Sanctuary of Style and The Coaching Sanctuary, Tiffany's mission is to empower women through her private and group coaching sessions, speaking engagements and spiritual mentoring guidance.  Her firm, but gentle spirit, has proven to help women of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds gain - or regain - their confidence by learning how to take charge of their lives and use their voices to be heard - to be seen and to be valued.

An arduous task on any given day, instilling confidence and peace amidst the current chaos and uncertainty has pushed Tiffany into overdrive.  Thankfully, the Texas-born, self-described 'Lady Baller' is up for the challenge - and able to conduct her business virtually.

At first glance, it would be easy to question how the gorgeous former model and Real Housewives of Dallas reality-series star could relate to anyone struggling with feelings of helplessness or despair.

But, the truth lies within the old adage -  'Beauty is only skin deep.'   Underneath her beautiful exterior lives a recovered drug and alcohol addict whose vulnerability and self-destructive behavior ended when she woke up after a night of heavy partying on a bathroom floor in West Hollywood. It was in that moment, she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and accepted her life's purpose: To help women find their strength before they found themselves as she did. 

Tiffany is also a highly sought-after spokesperson as well as media coach whose workshops - available in-person and on-line - have helped both both women and men gain the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in front of the camera.

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To vie for an opportunity to spend 60-minutes with Tiffany, 'like' me on Instagram and enter your name in the Comments section.  You'll also receive two of Tiffany's recently-launched signature head scarves. The winner will be announced Friday, April 24th.

UPDATE: Kimmie Martinelli won the 1-on1 session with Tiffany along with two head scarves.


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