The Making of a Dream Closet - Part 2: Organizing and Decorating

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Dawn Mellon The Savvy Stylist showcases her client's Dream Closet
Yours Truly showcasing the Dream Closet I created for one of my clients.

The Dream Closet is no longer a dream. It is a slice of Heaven, a fashion museum and, perhaps most important, a place filled with personal stories.


But, first, let's talk about how I organized my client's Dream Closet.

While there are many ways to do so, I recommend grouping items together by function as much as possible. For example, I created a dedicated space in which I organized my client's exercise clothes, shoes and other essentials to make it easy for her to get dressed and get to the gym. I also have a dedicated space in which I hanging outfits I've already styled for her for various occasions.

From there, I divided her clothes, shoes and accessories by season, by use, by type, by color, etc.


After I hung every blouse and found a mate for every shoe, I decorated the shelves in my client's closet to reflect her personality and to 'tell her stories.' This step in the process is all about creativity and while there's no science behind it, here are a few ideas:

  • Collect items that are interesting in shape and/or color; relevant to fashion, hobbies or other interests; and/or have sentimental value;

Dawn Mellon explains how to decorate the Dream Closet
Decorate shelves with items of sentimental value such as this vase - a gift from her father to her mother.
  • Consider using personal photographs or framing cards, magazine articles, or pages from a book;

  • Use objects that differ in size, texture and dimension;

Dawn Mellon decorates Dream Closet.
The various textures - from feathers and glass to leather and suede - give this shelf a lot of character
  • When grouping items together look for similarities in their nature and/or color; and

Dawn Mellon explains how to decorate a Dream Closet.
The Tiffany's box pulls out the blue hue in the picture framed above it.
  • Most important, use your imagination and have fun!

(Part 2 of a 2-part series on Dream Closets. Click here to read Part 1.)