Why Is The Way We Dress So Important?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Without uttering a word, the way we dress speaks volumes about who we are; tells others how we regard them and ourselves; and has the power to incite a wide range of emotions and responses.

Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to share my thoughts on fashion as part of a panel consisting of designers, retailers and other industry professionals - all of whom brought interesting and unique perspective to the discussion.

The way we dress speaks volumes about how we regard ourselves and those around us.

Since then, I've received a lot of feedback on my answer to the question: "Why is the way we dress so important?"

Let me tell you...

Your wardrobe is the most powerful non-verbal

tool you have to communicate.

Your wardrobe speaks volumes What are you wearing and what does it say about you? What image are you projecting through your wardrobe choices? What impression do you want to make, and is your attire helping you achieve it?

The way you dress shows others what

YOU think of THEM.

Your appearance shows others you care - or don't. Your appearance is an indication of your respect and regard for those with whom you're spending your time. How do you want to make others feel? Like they're important because you put time and effort into selecting your wardrobe? Or, just the opposite?

Others actions are often a

reaction to your appearance.

Much like your doctor's white lab coat can instills feelings of respect and authority, your wardrobe has the power to elicit emotions and cause a reaction. Think about your wardrobe as your own personal uniform. It can incite confidence, command attention, and lead others to believe in your credibility - or not.

A positive appearance affords you

the opportunity to express yourself.

To be heard, you have to be seen - in the best possible light. Don't undermine yourself by dressing in a way that is inappropriate or distracting. 'Dressing your message' gives you an opportunity to share your talent, knowledge and experience with others. If you're wondering whether or not your wardrobe choices are consistent with the image you want to project, click here to learn more about an Image Consultation and the other personal styling services I offer for both men and women.

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